Cruise Ship Visits 2016

2016 Cruise Ship Visits

We have 6 ships scheduled for this year. Drop down to the waterfront and catch a glimpse as these beautiful ships visit our shores.

As I receive updated information on each visit I will fill in the blanks on the table below

Port Date Name Operator Tent Pax Tent Crew Time in Port Agent Itinerary-Name
Woody Point & Gros Morne National Park June 24, 2016 Ocean Endeavour Adventure Canada 198 90 6:00 am – 5:30 pm Adventure Canada Newfoundland Circumnavigation 2016
Woody Point & Gros Morne National Park July 22, 2016 Akademik Ioffe One Ocean Expeditions 100 63 9 am One Ocean Expeditions East Coast Wildlife Safari
Gros Morne National Park September 12, 2015 National Geographic Explorer Linblad Expeditions 148 71 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Avalon Custom Brokers The Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland
Woody Point & Gros Morne National Park September 17, 2016 Le Boréal Ponant 264 139 7:00-13:00 F. K. Warren Limited From Greenland to Saint Laurent
Gros Morne National Park September 19, 2016 National Geographic Explorer Linblad Expeditions 148 71 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Avalon Custom Brokers The Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland
Bonne Bay October 6, 2016 Amadea Phoenix Reisen 624 292 12:00-22:00 Avalon Custom Brokers Indian Summer Voyage

8 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Visits 2016

  1. melinda stephan

    Hello there! I’m so glad I happened upon your website because my husband and I are 2 of the passengers on the Maasdam!! We are so excited to be visiting you and the Gros Morne NP. Our big question is about getting to the park from town (and back) –we could, of course, take a ship tour, but we’d prefer to go on our own, see what we want, and spend as much time as we want. Will you have taxi or shuttle service of some kind on that day? Would we need to purchase tickets ahead of time? Thanks so much for your time in answering my questions! See you in July!
    Melinda Stephan

    1. Hi Melinda,

      This is so awesome that you and your husband are among the passenger list!!!

      We will be providing both taxis and shuttle services for your usage that day. Woody Point is actually within the boundaries of the park and we have some very exciting shuttles and walking tours planned throughout our side of the park.

      No need to purchase tickets ahead of time, when you get off the boat everything will be waiting for you, just tell us where you want to go and we will point you in the right direction!

      I look forward to seeing you!!!

      Jacqueline Blanchard
      Town Manager
      Woody Point

  2. melinda stephan

    Dear Jacqueline,
    Thanks so much! Now we are really excited about our visit! Hope to meet you that day. Your town and the park look absolutely spectacular! My husband’s major in school was geology, so he is especially looking forward to seeing the tablelands . Thanks to all you folks in Woody Point! We already feel welcome!!

    1. Dear Melinda,

      I can’t wait to meet you!!! I am looking forward to the visit, I can’t wait to see the ship..I hear it is very big and beautiful….just from talking with others about the last visit I know the day will be spectacular!!! And I may be biased but yeah, Woody Point is amazing…aesthetically and geologically…the tablelands will amaze you!!!

      Looking forward to your visit,

  3. Grant & Lynda Augustus

    We too will be on Maasdam this summer. Thank you so much for the info and as fellow Canadians from the other coast, we are looking forward to exploring your lovely little town and are delighted to hear of the events you are planning.

    1. Hi Grant and Lynda,

      great to hear that you are coming to visit us!!! I just updated the site with a list of some of the events that we are planning for your visit. Can’t wait to meet you!

      Town Manager
      Woody Point

  4. Benson Logan

    Woody Point is a beautiful spot. The tablelands are a wonderful place to discover the history of the earths mantle. Its like a walk back in time. As soon as you enter the bay and near Woody Point itself, you will see the spectacular tablelands. Gros morne Mt will be over your shoulder. The town has many historic buildings and a rich history. there are places to check email. The Libruary is one. If you have your own laptop with you, wireless connections are available at The granate coffee shop, The royal Canadain Legion (no membership required) the lighthouse restaraunt to name a few.
    The people in this little hamlet are wonderful. Friendly, friendly and friendlier…….I was on the last Maasdam visit. Venders were set up on the waterfront. It was a little rainy and windy that day but the sun did appear from time to time. They handed out info when you exisited the security area on the dock. Dancers, Musicians and mummers. Buses were set up to go to the discovery center and tours. The food at the two restaraunts and coffee shop and a little backroom cafe were wonderful. There is a post office and lots of gift shops offering all sorts of crafts and unique gift ideas. You will enjoy this stop.

    1. HI Benson,

      Thank you so much for the beautiful write-up about Woody Point. I couldn’t have written it better myself. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself when you were here. Make sure to come back sometime!!!

      Town Manager

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