Parks Canada


For the information of motorists using through highways in Gros Morne National Park.

The following is an update on current road conditions:

Southeast Brook bridge diversion started this week, the detour will take 3 weeks to complete and remain in place until late fall, traffic will be slowed down to 40km/h around the detour.

Ditching, Milling, road excavation and paving will take place along Route 430 from Mattie Mitchell site to the Lighthouse intersection. Expect slow downs along this section of highway up until late July.

Bottom Brook bridge diversion is in place, traffic will be slowed down to 30km/h. This detour will remain in place until early fall.

Highway 430 North culvert replacements will start Early June and run until September. Expect slow downs at various locations along Route 430 north of Lobster Cove intersection to the North Boundary pass Cow Head.



Here are a couple of important maps and information for snowmobilers using federation trails inside and outside the Parks Canada boundary.

You will find the Gros Morne National Park map which indicates the areas where residents are permitted (Green area), area where residents and non-residents are permitted (Yellow lines indicating trail), and areas that are restricted from ALL snowmobile use (shown in Red).

You will find the snowmobile conditions of permit which outlines the regulations associated with your Permit and Park Pass.

***It is important to remember that a Snowmobile Operators Permit AND a Parks Canada seasons pass are REQUIRED for access to trails inside the Parks Boundary. Passes and information are available at your local snowmobile retailers***

You will also find attached a trakmap indicating the extensive snowmobile federation trails across the Province!

Winter is coming….may as well get out and enjoy! Happy and safe snowmobiling!


The following link will take you to Parks Canada web page which also gives information on snowmobiling in the Park and how to obtain your snowmobile permit and park pass.

Parks Canada also provides other winter recreational opportunities in the Park.Check them out!!!

Backcountry Ski huts:

Backcountry Ski and Snowshoe Touring:

Cross-country Skiing:


For your convenience, Gros Morne National Park annual passes are
available at the following Parks Canada facilities and business
locations (Some locations may be closed for the season):

Gros Morne National Park Discovery Centre, Woody Point
Gros Morne National Park Administration Building, Rocky Harbour
Gros Morne National Park Visitor Centre, Rocky Harbour
Valleyview Restaurant & Convenience, Trout River
Old Loft Restaurant, Woody Point
Seaside Suite & Gift Shop, Woody Point
Roy Young Ltd., Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook
Lomond River Lodge, Lomond
Coyley’s Convenience & Gas Bar, Wiltondale
Fisherman’s Landing Inn, Rocky Harbour
Gros Morne Cabins, Rocky Harbour
Parkway Irving, Rocky Harbour
Bonne Bay Pharmachoice, Norris Point
C & J Rumbolts, Norris Point
Terry’s Bed & Breakfast, Norris Point
Western Petroleum, Norris Point
St. Paul’s Grocery, St. Paul’s
Shallow Bay Motel, Cow Head
Arthur James, Corner Brook
Greenwood Inn & Suites, Corner Brook
Pasadena Foodland, Pasadena
Driftwood Inn, Deer Lake
Foodland, Deer Lake
Big Falls Tourist Lodge, Bonne Bay Pond (White Hills)

For more information:
709.458.2417 or

Parks Canada’s Mandate

On behalf of the people of Canada, we protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage and foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure their ecological and commemorative integrity for present and future generations.

Fore more information on Parks Canada please visit the Parks Canada web site.

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